What does your ‘waking up’ for the day look like?

Work Heartily

My waking up consists of God waking me, sometimes it is as early as 5:00 am and its strange how wide awake I feel.  When I think to open my eyes I feel exhausted, so, I now know that I am to use this time to pray.  

Eventually, I will fall back asleep till my work day alarm goes off.  When I wake, I try and have a mindset like this…

Being Thankful

I thank God for another day.  Be thankful for everything all day long.  Sing and rejoice in his name! Reach for your bible, indulge in it by reading Proverbs of the day.


Reserve time with God daily.  Only through bible reading and prayer will you know Gods will for your life.  This is the fuel I need to gain the power to follow His will. 

I read a daily devotional on my phone. I read my yearly bible and a booklet that is mailed from “In Touch”.  Hopefully, you do not get distracted by other nuances, like rushing to get ready for the day.


As I drive to work I listen to Christian music and during the day at work, I may listen to more music, podcasts and the bible via phone app.  On my breaks I will do my bible study homework.  

  • What does your daily schedule look like?
  • What wakes you up in the morning?  
  • Do you go to bed assuming you will wake in the morning?  
  • What if you didn’t wake up in the morning, is there anything you should have done prior to going to sleep?
  • Does your evening or morning involve spending time in Gods word?

Today is a new day!  Rise and shine and pray like there will be no tomorrow.  Let the God times roll as you live out each and every day of your life.  What is your burning desire (something you want to achieve)?  

Are You One Of Those?

Do you wake and think oh yeah another day.  Is it a day you dread? Think about your attitude… shed away from the old skin and be a fresh new layer.


There are lots of people that would die to be where you are and be part of what you are doing.  

Harvest What You Reap

Plant the seed of today that you will reap another day.  Make the time to plant seeds everywhere you go.  We are only on this earth for a limited amount of time, use your time wisely.

Until your life is turned upside down like mine was, you may never think about making this a priority in your life.  

How does your day come to a close?   


Is a baker’s life for me?  My father worked nights six days a week twelve hours a day which meant only having  ½ a day Saturday and Sunday for other matters (even though he started work Sunday night around 6 pm.)  

My mom stayed at home to raise her three daughters the best she could.  

I have two younger sisters my middle sister is seven years younger and my other sister is ten years younger than I.

Baking = You must prepare ahead of time

Have you thought about what you want to do for the rest of your life? 

Life = You must take action

Have you planned ahead, for yourself and your family?

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