Meeting For Direction

A couple days ago we decided to have a ministry meeting.  We needed to discuss were we are going and what more we want to be doing.


We have experienced the enemy attacking in many ways.  He is sneaky I tell ya! When you open a door for him to enter that is.  The enemy will twist things in the unsaved minds.  We need the unsaved minds to see what we see in all walks of life.  We  need to have compassion and love for the hurting.  That is where we need to step in and pray for the unsaved and show them there is a better way.

We love being Gods hands and feet everywhere we go.  After all, he gave us feet to walk the earth with and hands to give to others unconditionally.

Last night was a great night of prayer and fellowship. We missed those that were unable attend.  It is amazing the Joy you feel when you are doing something for Gods Kingdom.

Giving to the lost, unloved,used and abused is the best thing I have experienced in my life!



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