Knowing His Direction

Knowing His direction, before your direction, is vital!wp-1478877185049.jpg

Seeking more knowledge for what?  Where will it take me?

After a great conversation with a friend over the weekend.  She asked, what do you want to do?  I couldn’t answer that question exactly.  But, I did tell her what I am good at and what I enjoy doing.  She shared with me what she has seen in me and the outcome of my action in that area.  As we continued talking I told her what I don’t have time for and what I am not good at and why I did not finish my college degree.  She said, you know there is always tutoring.  I responded that works if you ask for the help. She shared with me that is how I achieved my degree was having a tutor, because, I could not have done it without a tutor.  I feel like I have so many cop outs when it comes to college.  I look at myself and struggle with asking for help when it comes to learning.  I would rather make the time and do it myself.  But, then, I don’t make the time to learn how to do it on my own… Why not? what is the use?  where is it going to take me? These are things we all take for granted.

There are so many children that are illiterate and need others to teach them how to read, write and do math.

Lord, help me figure this out.

I can go online searching for degrees, certificates. I have even arrived at a local college for a tour, I have meet an enrollment advise counselor to seek direction, knowledge and to gain insight. This person said he has the gift of discernment and told me what he saw me doing. He asked me to pray about it then, reach out to him. Then, I ask how many good years do I have left?  I then calculate out the cost, time, and the possible outcome.  Then, I come back to why spend all this money in hope of making more money.  When in reality, I am not getting paid to do what I enjoy doing at this very moment.

Why do we base money on our outcome or pursuit?

Sometimes we have to take our eyes off of our selves to hear what others see in you.

How can I live out my calling? Do I pursue a Certificate, Degree or just be Eternally Bound?

Jesus didn’t have a degree to share the good news.

Prayers always needed!



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