Dinner With The Male Inmates

Incarcerated Youth and our Holiday Visit

The day in December finally arrived when we would have dinner with inmates. This is a time when we would join other faith believers from other faith-based organizations. This is a special time of the year that we have the opportunity to eat with the incarcerated youth.

How would incarceration feel to you?

Maybe you will get a better idea by what I am about to write…

Before this dinner engagement could take place. The staff had to greet us is in the lobby. They had to search our food, drinks and bags for contraband.


December finally arrived when our troubled incarcerated children would be allowed to eat dinner with us.  This was a very exciting day for each of the children.   Why is that, its because most of their parents turned their backs on them.

Many youth have lost their way for one reason or another.


What does serving look like to you in when it comes to children?  This particular day in December we brought something to share.  We provided food, drinks, listening ears, conversations, Gods love and prayers.


When we arrived at the unit, we asked staff where we can set up for dinner.  The staff pulled out a ping-pong table for us to place a table cover on top of.  We then placed the food and drinks on top of that.

We all took a place in serving up the food to the inmates.  But, that was only after we opened up in prayer and spoke about the true meaning of Christmas.

Then, it was time to recruit tables of inmates to the serving area for food and beverage distribution.

Would you be surprised to know that  each inmate said God bless you.   They were polite, respective and thankful.  After everyone was served their food our team sat down to eat dinner with them.

Family time at the dinner table

When was the last time you sat down to eat dinner with your family members? Where you able to do this without electronics?  Did you have a verbal conversation?

My conversation with them was first asking for their name and my trying to remember their names.  The next question I would ask them was what they want to do when they get out of there.  Some of them said they are being sent to prison.  The others have dreams of becoming a lawyer, pilot, etc.   Some of them said they need to finish school. That meant finishing junior high and/or high school.

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  1. Thank you for this lovely and meaningful blog


    1. You are welcome. Thank you for expressing to me what you think of the blog. I am not the best writer, but, I hope to encourage others.


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