Praise Report


Ministry Praise Report

Thanks for being leaders to make the street outreach come together.

I saw three praises the last week to share.

Ministry Praise Report 3-31-2016

  1. It was good to see Brittany and Shane and when I said hi to Shane, he said he was doing rehab.  That’s good news!
  2. Then I was glad to see Mike the one who used to be with Pat. I missed seeing him the week before.  Then when he asked to have a jacket, I was able to get one from Jason to give to him.  Praise the Lord!
  3. Then a fellow came who used to refuse the Bible a lot. Until one of the times when we were still by Wendy’s, he was finally ready to take one.  I told him – This is your day!  Now, when he came to Faith Alive Church, I can see the change God has made in him.  He used to have a wild look in his eyes and was very defensive.  Now he stands up straight with a smile and a look of peace in his eyes! Praise the Lord!

So you two can help rejoice in these wonderful changes in this ministry!  Also, it was good to hear Joy give her testimony and hear how much God has helped her in her life.  I notice Brittany took time to get a chair and sit up front next to where.  Joy was speaking so she wouldn’t miss anything Joy had to say.  The other testimonies have been good, too, like Rodney’s.  So, I hope those will be able to continue.  God Bless both of you with God’s guidance and wisdom and strength.  May he make your path clear for you and I pray more support for you, Jason with the Homeless who come to our church.  Please pray for my husband, John as he tries to change the food he is eating to help his Diabetes problem.  At least he is feeling better as he avoids too many carbohydrates!  See you this evening.  In Jesus, John and Linda

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