To Bake or Not to Bake

Meeting Day

The day was finally approaching when I would meet with a lady that, works directly with high risk girls.  Some of these girls are coming out of juvenile hall and are being placed in group homes.

When I arrived for our meeting, we sat and spoke about why she is doing what she is doing and how I may be able to help her by doing what I used to do for children.  I used to teach children how to make, bake and decorate baked goods.

The Tour

She escorted me around to see the amenities in and around the property. There was a kitchen in place, but, it was rather small.   I thought we can make it work. but, I will need to figure out how.

To My Surprise

As we sat down to speak which was near the front door, women were pulling up to volunteer.   They were getting ready for a fashion show they would be doing in the juvenile hall.

Then, suddenly a lady walked through the door that I recognized.  I jumped up to give her a hug.  We were both surprised to see each other there.  This lady and I traveled together in my vehicle.  We were driving to Mexico for a high school mission trip.

Wow, what a small world, not even knowing her passion along our journey of 7 days.


What do I do?  What am I supposed to do? Do I want to do ________?  What do I feel like I should do?

As I was preparing for my first upcoming event with these high-risk girls. I thought I should______.even though I am being prompted to__________He was prompting me to _________ yet, I pushed back.  I told my self its going to be all about spending time with these children versus showing them how to make, bake and decorate.  The girls that I was going to be spending time with for the first time are considered “high-risk” for abuse, sexual exploitation and sex-trafficking.  This particular organization helps restore lost dreams and over a course of several months inspire a sense of value and purpose for these girls.

Approaching the day of the event…

I  had to verify that I had all the baking and decorating supplies that would be required to carry out this hands on event.

What If

I started thinking about, what ‘if’ (which caused me to start rethinking about making everything on site at the facility.  I called the lady at the organization on this particular Thursday to get a last head count and to see how much time we had to make, bake and decorate. I was told 1 ½ hours or longer if needed and around ten children.  After the phone conversation, I took it upon myself to tell the event coordinator that I would bring the cookies baked instead for the children to decorate. So,  I moved forward and I  made the cookie dough, I even thought I will take the dough for the kids to cut out and we will bake the cookies on site, then I thought I will bake some of the cookies in advance, so they are cooled off that way they can decorate as the others baked in the oven.    So, I decided I would bring the cookies baked and ready to decorate.  As I started mixing these ingredients, I thought, about how much time I was putting in, in advance.  Then, when the cookies were in the oven , they spread out from the cutout shape, where the cutout form wasn’t there.  So, I had to think fast, I used the cookie cutter again (when the cookies were warm), this left a frame around each cookie.  When the cookies cooled, I popped the inner cookie out.

On Thursday, I decided I would prep the icing without using the wet ingredients till right before it was time to go on Saturday. But, then I changed my mind and thought what if the icing does not turn out, I would need time to run to the store for more ingredients.  So, I made the icing on Friday night.

The Day Arrived

Finally, Saturday morning arrived; it was 8:30 am the time I need to get ready to leave for my bible study.  I decided to check my e-mail to see if I needed to bring my laptop and to make sure we were all meeting still.  Then, I saw an email from the event coordinator.  She said…

Good morning,  I’m saddened to say I received a call from the group-home staff that they had a crisis last night and have to cancel today. I’m frustrated that it’s such short notice. We’ve had very few cancellations in the past, and this seemed rather odd so I’m a little worried, but so sorry to do this to you. I know you’ve invested time and supplies and blocked this time month’s out. If there’s any chance we could reschedule not too far off in the near future, that would be great. And, if you have time to just sit and talk one of these days I’d love to have coffee and hear your heart for ministry. Again, I’m so sorry and so bummed:(

Due Diligence

After this email, I thought…but….I just did all this work…what am I to do with all these baked cookies and icing.  So, I thought this must not be what I am meant to do.  I responded to her rather quickly with… if things change I am open to do something tomorrow. I’m off to a Bible study I will be in touch soon have an awesome day!

I’m sure it’s the devil knowing that the kids may be touched in a positive way.

Remaining Hopeful

I attempted to put everything in the freezer.  But, then I paused and thought I should wait to see if maybe I am being impatient and reacting to quickly.

I thought about how much my daughter would enjoy decorating the cookies. So, the following day my daughter and I decided to decorate the cookies for her to share with her classmates.


The lesson I learned was to not alter what God prompted me to do! Did you notice all the ‘I’ statements versus the ‘Him’ statements?


Then, Bam! (the answer is in my book that is in the works)

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