Walking the Halls

What does incarcerated life look like from the inside?

An officer with a friendly face, wearing a gun, handcuffs, alarm, etc., walked all of us through the entire facility. The facility consisted of wide hallways with lots of doors that were labeled with numbers and wording on them. The doors were located throughout the entire building would lead to other doors, you couldn’t enter or exit an area until someone opened the door electronically, when you heard a loud click, it was time to pass through the next series of doors.


What can you do in your life to stay on the outside of these doors and this facility, you have a choice but, when it isn’t your choice because of the cards you were dealt, or because of fear you were encountering or because you didn’t want to be called a nark or because of your defiant behavior?

When we finally entered their unit to eat dinner with the inmates, the inmates where patiently waiting in their cells, smiling and anxious to come out and join us.  As each cell is opened they join us by sitting at tables.

Have you ever truly thought about the doors of opportunity versus things you are forced to do by others or because of others? Yes, life is full of lessons to be learned because of choices we are given. Are they the right choices?

How would you feel being incarcerated during the holidays?

We knew we were going to spend this particular day eating our Christmas dinner with inmates, but, to our surprise it was going to be in the maximum security unit. The feeling I felt was what you would call uneasiness, only because I was unsure of what I was going to see, what it was going to feel like, and because it was going to be in the boys unit.

What would you see yourself doing when it comes to volunteering? Have you ever considered volunteering? I can honestly say there was a time in my life that I would not do such a thing…till the day my high school teenager son invited me to go on a mission trip with him.  This particular trip fueled a desire in me to serve and protect our precious children, which propelled me obtaining human trafficking training.

Choose someone you could care for; a child, widow, addict or a senior citizen.

Locations: children’s hospital, senior citizen center, juvenile hall or a foster care facility.

Time: Spend time with an elderly person and find out some of their fondest memories.

You can even be a Godly mentor as you go about your day!

What promise have you made to someone but failed to keep? Make the effort to work on this relationship starting today it can make all the difference in a person’s life.

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