How Do I Start A Street Ministry?

I hope these steps will help guide you on how to be Gods hands and feed where you are or are not yet.  Remember there are mission fields everywhere including where you live.  What improvements can be made in your local community?  Take ownership so you may lead others along your journey.  We are constantly looking for leaders, we will show you how to get started and guide you along the way.


We have had people drive by and ask how they can help, to some people who will pull over on the side of the road and sit and watch from their cars, then there are those that show up the next week with more people to help serve the unloved, unwanted, used and abused, we even have had people drive by with donations.



I can honestly say you should start by volunteering with a local non-profit organization.

There are many organizations and people living this out each month.

What’s TUGGING at your HEART?

serving food

What is your area of interest – Serving Food?

There are so many benefits to doing this, you can figure our your niche.

Identify your strengths  – Is it leading worship?


Your calling, your spiritual gifts and talents all come into play

Get creative-Do you want to cut hair?


What is the reason you want to do this?

Your reason may be because, no one else is doing this same thing

No one has done…

How do you want to reach the homeless and the un-saved?

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