What man would do these kinda things?

It has been a rather busy couple of years to say the least.  I have been traveling and having the best time of my life.  I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate that you followed through with the quit claim deed.  I know you have been moved to a bad place, the worst of the worst.

It is now time to reflect and tell you that Hours, Days, Months and Years have gone by with uncertainty, blindness and denial on my part.

I would like to touch on a few matters from the past to present.  I have thought back to the early days of high school and all the things that took place that repeated once again when we reconnected.  My soft heart (at the time) was taken advantage of by you.  I was loyal and remained loyal to you and only you to be hurt repeatedly by you. I have been hurt beyond what words can say, you have controlled and manipulated me in so many ways.  I cannot allow that to affect my future.  I have gone to you face to face to call you out on things, yet, you lied to my face even when the evidence was in front of me and, yes, later on, you kept the lock and key on what you wanted me to not find out, you thought keeping a pass code on your phone would prevent me from finding out about your other life. I would like to hear from your mouth now what took place to confirm what I know already.  The kids and I have so much pain and trust issues caused by you, that is affecting our current life and the kids life.

  1. What man would try to seperate their true father with their son?
  2. What man would not come home to their wife?
  3. What man would mislead and mistreat their children?
  4. What man would slap their girlfriend in the face?
  5. What man would jeopardize everything they have?
  6. What man would lie about being in the military?
  7. What man would support a husband cheating on their wife?
  8. What man would threaten people?
  9. What man would keep their car clean yet not care about the home front?
  10. What man could be so lazy, watch their wife do all the work?
  11. What man would bring bad people or situations into a families life?
  12. What man would lie to them about their private life?
  13. What man would have their employees/people come after me over money?
  14. What man would take money from another woman?
  15. What man wouldn’t tell me about having a child already that he wants nothing to do with?
  16. What man wouldn’t tell me they were meeting up with their child and mother for dinner, to leave a lil boy wondering if he will see his father again?
  17. What man would stare uncontrollably at  ________ when we were at Monster Golf?
  18. What man would stay in contact with their ex girlfriend and her kids during our marriage?
  19. What man would lie about how they know people (Larry) and have different stories to his wife and step son?
  20. What man would have naked pictures of other girls, Keith’s girlfriend, etc.
  21. What man would need to delete history on their computer (so they thought, the history is still there)
  22. What man would complain and not want their wife to go to college?
  23. What man would threaten and come after their wife with their car to get their phone from them, because they were hiding things, like their favorites?
  24. What man would have a problem with their wifes friends?
  25. What man swears uncontrollably?
  26. What man deletes their text messages instantly?
  27. What man enjoys working for a strip club and the other things that took place there?
  28. What man enjoyed going to Mike H. bar all the time all hours of the night?
  29. What man doesn’t come to there wife, and prevents them from leaving the house to go to work, because they come home at 6 in the morning?
  30. What man says – they did something to their girlfriends boyfriends?
  31. What man would lie to coworkers about their position in the company?
  32. What man would send their employees to help out your girlfriends with gas?
  33. What man would say the FBI wanted u to work with them?
  34. What man falsifies documents?
  35. Why would you come to my work and bring me flowers, cards and act so nervous at the same time?
  36. Why would you borrow money to keep a business afloat?
  37. Why weren’t you working hard for your business?
  38. Why would you hang out at Nat and Chris shop, when starting a business?
  39. Is it okay to flirt?  Is jealousy okay? why or why not?
  40. What did I do to deserve all this? Is this the reason you didn’t deserve me?

I would like to know if you repented your sins and I would like you to share them with me.

I have moved on with my life and would appreciate you accepting that.  I hope and pray that you and your sister stay connected, she is a blessing and I pray that she is blessed.


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  1. Interesting post – gets you thinking!

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