What Is My Purpose When It Comes To Youth?

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How can we help our troubled youth?

We all have a story to share.  What is your story?  Do you cringe at the thought of sharing your story (testimony)?

I know firsthand that is a difficult thing to recall.  But, it is part of the healing process.

How have you overcome your tragic event?

These children need to know there is another way, a better way.  They need to know their is hope regardless of their circumstances. So, go and share your story with them.  Most of this kids had bad role models in their life.

What’s my purpose?

My purpose is to be there for these at-risk children, but, that is if these children choose to have me as a mentor in their lives.  I hope to be able to  guide, listen and educate these children through God’s word.

I have had some major events take place in my life. Where I was at the time was not a good place, due to all the  things that were transpiring in my life that were either in or out of my control. You could say I was a victim to the circumstances.

My purpose now is to give children and families a fun educational and rewarding experience and all that will happen after I finish writing my book.  The book I have been writing will be focusing on educating our troubled youth in a unique way.  I recently shared a summary of my book to the girls unit. They were super excited and cannot wait to hear the rest of my story.

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  1. A very worthwhile undertaking.


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