Wrestling With The Past

Forgetting what is behind, means we no longer allow the past to affect us in moving forward.

  • Where are you able to find joy or self-worth from your spiritual life; being raised in a family with morals, accepting Christ in your life at an early age?
  • In what ways are you able to find build upon your achievements?  volunteer services, success in ministry, bible knowledge, and the ability to overcome sin.

Sometimes we look to our past successes as a source of happiness and a way to feel good about ourselves.  Instead of being thankful for how the Lord has helped us and worked through us, we begin to look for joy and self-worth in what we have done or where we have come from.

  • Have you forgiven the offender?

Read Jeremiah 31:3, Psalm 34:18, Psalm 147:3, John 3:16, Isaiah 53:3-5, Isaiah 61:1-3, Revelation 21:3-5

It is impossible to go through life without being hurt in some way by the choices and actions of others.  Sometimes the pain we feel from past evens can linger into the present, affecting the way we feel about ourselves, others and the Lord.

Sometimes it seems like we will never live down the mistakes of our past.  Our sins seem too large or we thing we have exhausted God’s forgiveness.  Because of the past, we see ourselves as failures, unworthy of grace.

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