Do you struggle with being submissive ?

It was not so long ago that I heard from God and woke with an urgency to feed the homeless.

Do you struggle with being submissive ?

I have learned recently that I can be a bit over powering when it comes to the decision making of the homeless ministry. I tried to explain to a board member that this person cannot make a decision without the board approving it.  I said, I disagree with you, so we need to present your idea to the board to get a final approval or disapproval.  This caused some discomfort in our marriage and our roles.

So, I have decided to keep my mouth shut, sit back and wait to hear from God and hope to hear from Him sooner rather than later when it comes to my direction and focus.

I feel we need to hear from God prior to making a purchase or going another direction.  We have seen the results from acting without consulting. Our minds are like spinning wheels full of ideas and ways we can do more.  But, we have realized it isn’t for us to do everything.  This includes the homeless individuals that don’t want the help.  Although they just want to be heard, listened too, loved on, fed and know that you will be there for them the very next week.

There is so much that drives us to want to do more…

Trying to do everything, when we should only do what we have been called to do.  I know God called me to go and feed the homeless for many reasons.  The reality was to see how He sees and feel how He feels.  I have learned so much by standing their observing, then to listening, then to trying to serve them food, then to greeting them in the line and now to hugs, and relationships that continue to deepen.

To be Gods hands and feet has been the best thing I have ever done in my life. I have become more humble, not so judgmental, non condemning, which has brought out compassion, caring for them and their well-being.

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