A Little Child’s Request To Speak

I'm cold and scared

It was our normal day and time that we would all join up with each other and go into the juvenile hall.  We would attempt to speak into the children(s) lives.  Who knew a little child’s prayer request would be answered so quickly. Prior to going into the juvenile hall, I received a phone call.  I was asked to get the girls set up and ready to go.  The for program coordinator would arrive soon with an agenda.  This person asked that I share my testimony till they got there. I planned on being there for one hour, but, that wasn’t Gods plan!

I looked out into the girls eyes.  There were 15 girls in all. I recognized only 3 of them from the week prior.  I said, some of you have heard my book summation.  I will repeat it for the new ones till our program coordinator gets here.


A girl who just arrived a week earlier sought me out via an officer.   In order to speak with me she needed to complete an application.  She said she needed to speak to me right away.  I asked her if she wanted to meet today, she said, yes, please.  I heard from the officer that she has no parents and needs someone to talk too. An officer asked if all of them wanted to complete a mentor application or not.  Much to our surprise they all completed the application accept for two of them.

Lunch Break

It was lunch time for the girls.  I too had to go grab lunch and returned an hour later.  I met up with this little child.  I asked her questions from the mentor application.  At one point she said, I am sorry if I get emotional, but, I need to share with you what happened to me why I requested to speak with you.  I prayed before hand about asked God to show me a sign, then, you spoke about your book.   God showed me you and I heard your story.   I want to know if you are okay with my grandma calling you.


You see…her parents are not allowed in her life because, of their choices.  But, her grandma has always been in her life.   She said, her and her grandma stopped going to church.   Her grandma became sick.  This adorable little girl got caught up with a boy.  The boyfriend believes in God too.  He is,being held responsible for obtaining money doing illegal things. He shared it is because of his home life.  This young man is going to be a father to this little girls unborn child.

God shows up more…

As I was requesting to meet with another person, this little girl went back to wait for an officer.  In order to return to her unit she had to be patted down.  During this wait time, a volunteer came in that she happened to know.  This volunteer was a principle at one of her schools.


This girl followed up on her word.  It was about three days later that I received a phone call from her grandma.  The grandma and I spoke for sometime.  She said, she knows her grand-daughter will be released and she is going back to church with her grand-daughter.  I explained to her when she gets out we can mentor her but, only with your approval.  Lets just say she was ecstatic and said, yes, yes, yes that would be wonderful.

A Little Child Request To Speak With Me Is All I needed!

I also advised her of listening to podcasts, sermons on-line, etc.  She said, I will but, we are finding a way to get back to church.  She said because of the bible studies too.

She said, I know my grand-daughter has learned her lesson.

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