Ex-con Cake Assembler

My grandfather once trained a man by the name of Mark on how to assemble a particular cake called a fruit basket, he assembled the cake in record speed.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, as this fruit basket cake was completed and as it was about to be placed in the showcase, it was purchased within seconds from landing in the show case.

cake plate

Mark spun the cake plate so fast as he filled the various layers of cake with whip cream and then with various fruits.  The final step was to load the outside of the cake with fresh made whipped cream.  Mark assembled the cake in less than 5 minutes and we sold this 8″fruit basket cake for $18.75.

Mark was the hardest and fastest worker when it came to assembling storefront whipped cream cakes. Prior to Mark working for us he served time in prison.  My grandfather gave him a second chance, he hired Mark fresh out of prison and Mark made something of himself because, someone gave him another chance.  Praise God for this hard worker.

I hope you will follow me on my journey from a baker’s daughter to a daughter of the king.  My blog posts will involve lessons learned and some recipes along the way.  I hope I will inspire you to fulfill your purpose in life.  We are all called for a greater purpose, but, sometimes that takes us going back into our past to use what we have learned to help others out along the way.  I have been given second chances.

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