Who needs good guidance?  We all do! We may need to be re-guided from time to time.  The right guidance should start when we are infants.  But, when the parents are not able to do the right kind of guiding, other generations are taking hold of the opportunity.  As we guide these children we must allow them to be what God wants them to be.

There have been many times that I have been used and abused and yet I look back and think that had to take place in order  for me to be where I am now, which is to help others from being in those type of relationships.

My Prior Business

At my business I never had any age restrictions because after all why restrict them from expressing themselves.  We are in their lives to give them an opportunity and to encourage them.

Educational Life Skills

The educational life skills are designed to help children strengthen their chances of a bright future.  Mentoring children will give them the confidence and self-sufficiency for an independent life.  I want to see these children to understand what God can do for them through us.

Through prayer I will ask God to direct me on how to orchestrate and guide you or them the right direction.  I hope you will be there for Gods precious and vulnerable children in a positive and an encouraging way.

God has provided me the key ingredient to teach the children with.

To be it, you must seek it!

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  1. Absolutely marvellous and true words. Guidance from Him who is in all and be thankful for that.


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