Cramer’s Bakery


I am what you would have been called a third generation baker.

But, I have since figured out that you must first to figure out what the ingredients (my) purpose before you decide what the ingredients to use is.

Why didn’t I go in this direction?

Well I kinda did, but, in the aspect of my own business, it consisted of children, I was giving them opportunity and a purpose for them to live out their passion through their parents.

Bakery Experience

My bakery experience has a history but, it was through my family not my own doing.  The name of the bakery at the time was called Cramer’s.  It was once one of Sacramento city’s most popular bakeries.  So, what made it that way? Well in 1972 my grandfather George Premock Sr. purchased this particular bakery that was located in Sacramento, CA the bakery storefront was on Freeport Boulevard.

Cramer’s history included some major events; robberies, hardships, injuries and a fire that took place in the business complex that caused the bakery to burn down along with other nearby businesses in and around the 1980s.

As for Cramer’s offerings; we made everything from scratch from a small item to a large item – cookies, cupcakes, scones, doughnuts, Danish, coffee cakes, pies, all kinds, breads, tea cakes, loaf cakes, cakes and wedding cakes.

The specialty items were the fruit basket cake, the fruit basket was made from a butter sponge we split two layers into four layer and filled in the layers with three different types of fruit , then, we covered the cake with freshly made whip cream.  We were also known for our not to sweet butter cream icing and the beehive which was another specialty item.”

The picture above is from a newspaper article that was written around the bakeries grand re-opening.  My grandfather is the man who is sitting down and holding a fresh loaf of bread that my father just baked.  My father is the man standing directly behind my grandfather.

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