This blog is about using Gods earthly ingredients.  I would like God to help me orchestrate this versatility through him.
A little bit about me, I come from a family of bakers.  My grandfather started the legacy then, he passed it to my father and my uncle and they passed it onto their spouses and their children.  Because, I have fond memories of being a daughter of a particular baker; my father.  I would like to pass along my journey as a daughter of a baker and as a child that once was lost, but, has since been found.  Why I choose the name seeking an abundant life in baking using Gods ingredients as my area of focus, is rather simple!  God provides all the ingredients we just need to better understand the ingredients purpose.


I am here to guide, listen and educate you through God’s word because, I have had some major events take place in my life.   Where I was at the time was not a good place and due to all the things that were transpiring in my life that were either in or out of my control.  You could say I was a victim to so many circumstances.

My purpose now is to provide children and families a fun educational and rewarding experience.  I hope this will take place in my not so distance future.  

I once owned and operated my own business;  it was called “The Baker’s Daughter” this is where I had taught children of all ages and stages how to make, bake and decorate.

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