Rosemont Bakery


When my father James Premock finally was able to leave Cramer’s Bakery my father went out and about seeking a new location for another bakery.  This bakery was going to be for his immediate family.  During, this search he asked me to come along and check out the locations he and my mom were considering.  During, this time, my parents had a home on the out skirts of Elk Grove, CA.  They were trying to find a location that was not going to be to far from home.  They stumbled across a bakery in a grocery store, but, it was in Galt, CA.  Which I guess really wasn’t too far.  But, why was it available?  Things we must consider…why did they go out of business?  Then, there was another bakery close to Auburn, CA that was they same concept.  This option seemed like a great opportunity until we started factoring in other things like the hours of operation and when you could enter and exit and all the other rules that went along with that.   Eventually, we found a location that had the huge expensive oven and walk-in freezer already in it.  It was the prior home to New York Bagels,  there was a Lucky’s grocery store located next door, yes, with a bakery along with another bakery that offered mexican pastries, so what the heck lets just through another bakery in there to. Nothing like trying to compete with one another.  That seems to be the case in all that we do in our lives and our businesses.  We checked out the shopping center which seemed to have a steady flow of traffic and talked to local tenants about opening another bakery after all, we were kinda expanding the same baked goods just in another area of Sacramento, CA. 

After lease was signed, we got to work on getting the place ready.  We hit road blocks after road blocks when it came to trying to open the doors.  Getting the county permits turned out to be the biggest hindrances when it comes to getting your doors open.  I don’t think you can ever factor in enough time or money when it comes to a business being opened or to keep it established, and that doesn’t include all the landlord tenant issues we had for an entire year.

We would meet and greet eager locals as we would work diligently on the bakery location.  I remember vividly people coming to the door, saying open, open.

The county caused many delays; we even had to tear out what turned out to be a non-functioning walk-in freezer.  Next, the county said we had to have a permit for a mop sink and then a permit for a partition wall, then, the floor treatment that was put on the floor caused more delays. Every corner we turned we were hit with another delay.

Once we opened our doors, we had consistent customers. Our business was doing great, the sales were increasing.  I remembered counting the money and us getting so excited to see the sales go up each and every week.

Our bakery workers consisted of family, friends and my boyfriend.

The landlord never took care of anything, our roof leaked all the time, consistently there were problems, the lightening in the parking lot wasn’t lit up well enough and the walkways in front of the store had lights out in most of the sections.

When it was time to renew the lease, we basically bailed. We called in friends and family to help us move out, we sold major equipment and said it is time to have a life, have weekends off and go to work for someone else, because, after all they would pay us to work hehe.

Upon closing Rosemont Bakery my father went to work for two retail bakeries, one was located in Cameron Park, CA and the other bakery was located in West Sacramento, CA.


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