The Power to Forgive Others

Abuse Is Unpleasant!

Abuse lowers our self-worth!

Types of Abuse

  • Verbal
  • Neglect
  • Beatings
  • Molestation

If a child cannot perceive their parents ‘acceptance’ of them, they grow up with a self-destructive hunger for love that can’t be satisfied by any being!  Yet we try to seek ‘acceptance’ out/in others.  Sometimes this is what attracted us to them in the first place, they may be filling your void or a giving you a feeling that wells up inside you that you have never had in your life.  These immediate needs/feelings tend to be camouflaged by temporary comforts of what you were missing.  These comforts you are seeking or these comforts may even seem to be stronger in your adulthood, be aware of them.


Healing from the abuse takes time.  Forgiving is part of the healing and crucial to avoid repeating the cycle with your own children.

If YOU haven’t received …YOU cannot give!

Getting to know the love that God provides is the most amazing love of all!  It is unconditional love!


Ask God to show you any un-forgiveness toward a parent who didn’t come to your rescue in your time of need!

You have to forgive (__________________) who

  • never protected you of this abuse
  • mistreated you
  • didn’t love you for you
  • sexually molested you
  • deserted you through death
  • deserted you through abandonment
  • shut you out emotionally
  • reminded you over and over again that you were not wanted
  • didn’t know how to properly nurture you
  • Deliverance from the abuse takes time

These painful experiences will continue to hurt you till you cry out all your pain to the Lord and ask that he remove/release all this pain and bitterness onto Him.  Ask Him to help you forgive these beings.

Parents Need To:

  • love us,
  • encourage us
  • nurture us
  • be affectionate with us
  • believe for the best in us
  • and be interested in what we do!

If your parents didn’t provide these things, you can acquire them from God!  We cannot expect others to fill our needs.  Through prayer ask God to restore our damaged relationships.  Surrender everything to Him!  He will redeem whatever had occurred (in your past).


Be His Vessel of His Strength!

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