Trials In My Life

I hope the outcomes from the trials I had in my life will give you hope and strength.  I know during hard times you may have thought but, “I didn’t ask to be born”!


So…moving past that, because you can’t change that! I finally had to  realize it’s time to accept that I was born for a purpose and figure out why am I here!  Why am I going through this or that?  I realized it is because you were chosen by God to fulfill the gift he has given you, your purpose was planned even prior to you being conceived.  You might as well consider yourself the chosen one and you have a purpose so go and fulfill it.  Now it is time to live it out the best way we can which is the right way.  We need to stop all the bad things that have manifested in our families and our lives.  We need to take our eyes off ourselves and think about the less fortunate.  We need to set the example for others by being a good example in order for the new generations to follow.  There will be more difficult times ahead as we live out our lives, we know that we are here to fulfill a mission, we need to figure out our purpose.  This means we must have faith and know that GOD has our best interest at heart.  God knows where our destination will be.  But, we need to trust him in all and what we do.  We need to pray all the time for good things to transpire in our life remember that this is the only way to keep the devil away!  How do you keep the devil away?  Pickup your bible!  Start reading and praying. The bible is our answer to everything.  Live by it and in it.  In spite of this, you did not trust in the Lord your God Deuteronomy. 1:32

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