My Purpose

My Purpose
Before we can get to where we need to be, we must first learn what it takes to get us to where we need to be. I will be describing an ingredient that can be used various ways. I can honestly say it has taken me over 40 years to figure out what my purpose is. I will also share my life as a daughter that once was lost but, since has been found.

This is my key ingredient and its purpose. I am describing myself as I also talk about the ingredient; variations, purpose and outcome. As you read along I want you to think long and hard about you as a person. I can be soft, I can harden, I can be firm, I can be refined, I can be formed, I can be appealing, I can make things taste great, I can add multiple items to it, I can add different flavors, I can have zest or I can remain bland, I can fill in for others, I can absorb and retain, I can spread into others lives, I can be formed for multi-uses, I can smell good I can taste great, I can be peeled away from the source, I can be planted in all circumstances yet stand strong in all conditions. I can add variations; nuts, fruits, sweetness, although, I do need refinement, but, through grace that will continue well into my well being. I am at a point that I need future development because I have multiple uses. What am I? My life will be demonstrated to you as a _______you may ask why that is, it is because I have so many uses just like you do! I can be used in various ways just like you! I can be soft or harden to stand the test it’s being given at the time. Using this analogy is how I will continue to fulfill my purpose. This is my story that I am sticking with because, I have lots to share! I am versatile! When I have been used in various situations I have always tried to have the situation come out for the better. After all, the definition for _______ is; peel away, seed, developing, sprouting, to be harvested, refined, with many uses and future developments. I pray that God opens the field for multi harvests. I have been used, abused and attacked all because of nuts in and out of my life and mostly because of their circumstances. Yet, after countless trials and errors on my part I have become a new creation where I can stand stronger knowing God has my back and I seek him in all that I do. I want to be the _______ or should I say I want you to use this perception for your life (make it your own) ingredient or recipe.

What is your ingredients origin, mine is that it must be cultivated in cool climates for human consumption. Focus on where you came from, what you need to change and where you want to be for your future generations.

_______close up you may see a beautiful floret (small flower). Look at yourself as an infant, small yet you are Gods creation, so you have a purpose to be used to. We are much like ingredients we all have some similarities and numerous uses. You will be used for the greater good ______rolled or crushed, ground into fine _____. Consumption of _______ is like absorbing books that speak life into your life. ______is mostly eaten as a cereal item, but has many other uses for baking in cookies and breads. Our broken hearts become new that is what faith can do! Sometimes as we are refined our hearts can be crushed during the process. Your heart may be crushed, but, your spirit never will be. The ______ hull may be crushed, rolled or crimped. Be careful of what you allow into your life. ______is straw it is soft, relatively and has an absorbent nature. How are you projecting yourself in the public eye? ______is the outer casing of the _____. Are you filling yourself with knowledge and understanding? _____ contain more soluble fiber than any other grain, resulting in slower digestion and an extended sensation of fullness. When it comes to a coarse grain and dryness within your bread it may be because you have too much flour in the recipe, your dough was not have been kneaded long enough, your rising period was left for too long of a time frame and the temperature for the oven was too low. Are you keeping your purity for a spouse? If not how is your weed control for your key ingredient? Honoring God, Incorporate the fruit of the spirit program. ______ just like us go through so much. Let me explain what oat goes through. It’s cultivated, in various climates, it is grown for consumption, it is yielded, has many uses, oat starts out as a small floret, can have multiple formations, similarities, numerous uses, it is rolled, it is crushed, it is ground, it is refined and it is crushed during the process, hull, rolled, crimped, straw is soft, it has an absorbent nature, there is an outer casing, it is soluble, it is slow to digest, you will feel a sensation of fullness, control, vigorous growth, choke out, free from diseases and pests, storage, transported, augured and conveyed, piled, stored, aerated or dried, cleansing and sizing, the foreign material is removed, de-hulling, symmetrical acceleration, separated outer hull from inner groats, fed by gravity onto spinning stone, accelerates toward outer ring, separated on impact, light aspirated away, denser taken to the next step of processing, used, processed further, insoluble, fuel. This has been much like my life and all because I did not want to listen to my parents. I have always had a father to turn too, but, choose not to.

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