Scheduling Your Time – Wisely

Why It Is So Important To Have A Schedule In Place?  Let me explain, when it comes to owning a bakery.  A bakers work schedule starts when your day ends, that is if you work the normal business hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

When it comes to a schedule a baker must think ahead (prior to) the next day, because, they need to prepare their ingredients accordingly.  The things we had to factor in prior to making recipes
was is the ingredient frozen? Do the ingredients need to be at room temperature?  Do the products time to rise?

What does your daily schedule look like? My waking hours now go something like this…
I thank the Lord for another day! Try to do this every time you wake and prior to getting out of bed. I give praise to GOD and tell him how much I appreciate that I am here to live another day on this planet earth, this is something we all take for granted. I read Proverbs for the current day
Do you have a daily plan or a devotional to read? If not there are various ways of obtaining one. I recommend a free app Be thankful for everything all day long. Sing and rejoice in his name! When it comes to the Bible, reach for it, indulge in it.   Plant the seed today to reap another day. We are on this earth for a limited amount of time, use your time wisely. 

There is something that causes all of us to wake, whether that is an alarm, a roster, a cat, a dog, your bodily fluids, the smell of coffee, our children, a neighbor, a phone call, whatever the case we all wake up at some point, our eyes open, we rise up and get out of bed. It is time to let the good times roll (within reason) as you live out each and every day of your life. What is your burning desire, what is it that you want to achieve? Or, do you wake up and think oh yeah another day at this (job, school, etc.) that I may dread so badly. Think about your attitude, shed away from the old skin and be a fresh new layer. There are lots of people that would die to be where you are and be part of what you are doing.

Rise and shine and pray like there will be no tomorrow!

How does your day end?
Better yet how did your day begin?
Did you wake up refreshed?
Did you take a deep breath and pray?
Did you setup your day like there will be no tomorrow?
Do you know where you will go if you were to pass on?
Before you rise up out of bed for the next day…did you pray?
Did you thank GOD for everything in your life
Did you really assume that you would rise in the morning

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