At one point you wanted me

Conception, Pregnancy, Baby Shower, La-maze to Birth

As parents it is our responsibility to make sure we raise our children the right way.  For those that had bad times growing up, you can stop that bad cycle now! It’s your choice!  It’s never too late!

When we arrive into this world and we take our first breath.  Our parents receive the birth certificate telling them how much we weighed and our length, (as if any of those measurements matter).  We are compared to others from the time we are born, via doctor visits, our friends,or family members and our own siblings.

There is a consequence or a reaction to everything we do in life on this place called earth.   If you are like me, you may have said, if I knew________I would have_______, or would not have ________.  My answer at one time was, I did not take the right path because I was not given a  manual to follow.   We may have to go through some events that we wished never had happened.  We may ask why me?  Why did this happen to me? The answer is our creator choose each of us to accomplish something GREAT!  You have a purpose and don’t let anyone ever take that from you!

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