Lesson – Trials

Well I hope you are ready to hear about all the trials that took place in my life.  I call them trials because, you never know the verdict till you go to trial and for some time after you come out of a trial you may not understand everything.  When you are in trial, you are either innocent or guilty.  My feeling is you are guilty till proven innocent. You are not taking a plea bargain.  Or, maybe you truly did something wrong.  I know firsthand if you would have made good choices you wouldn’t be questioning yourself as much, but, being humans living in this sinful world and being with worldly people we can be committing sin and not even think much about it . Well that is till you walk away or something bad happens from it because, you were present or guilty by association.  Should you trust what the prosecuting attorney is saying or do you trust the defense attorney?  Do you have all the facts?  Do you have circumstantial evidence?  Is it hearsay?  Do you keep your thoughts in your head for a bit, pray about it, then speak up?  Do you gossip about others?  Do you put yourself in vulnerable situations?  Does everyone on the jury have all the facts? There are people that watch, listen and hear what they are being told but, we honestly don’t know if what they are saying is true or not. Some people may be pathological liars.

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