What is your measuring device when it comes to human beings?  
  1. Does your measuring device measure up when it comes to those that you interact with? 

We need to measure/evaluate our ingredients, are they spoiled, rotten, tasteless, tasteful, are they quality ingredients for your recipe. Try using this analogy when it comes to your friends. 

  1. Will they stand the test of time in high temperatures? 
  2. Are they dense or are they like a sponge, willing to listen and soak up everything? 
  3. Do you or your ingredients interact well together or are they like water and vinegar? 
  4. Do they blend well or not blend well? 
  5. Do they add everlasting flavor? 
  6. Are they positive and worth keeping around? 
  7. Do they have many uses, are they helpful in abusive situations? 
  8. Are they versatile, okay with changes? 
  9. Would you recommend them to others?  
  10. Are they pulling their weight? 
  11. Is it a give and take relationship? 
  12. Are they equally yoked? 
  13. Is one lifting the other one up? 
  14. Do you melt away by their words and actions? 
  15. Do you harden easily when they are around? 
  16. Do you coagulate, get tense? 
  17. Do you need a whisk at times or do they like to stir the pot? 
  18. Or do you knead a beating? 
  19. Should you be beaten or battered? 
  20. Can you stop the cycle? 
  21. Are you on high speed when you should be on low speed? 
  22. Have you added the key ingredients, by going on to the the next step, are you thinking about the last step, like what speed you were in? Because, by not thinking about the speed you’re going in and forgetting that the beater is still set on high, all those key ingredients will fly out of the bowl…and you have to start all over again, spending lots of money and time trying to make a relationship (recipe) that should have been there but, you were hasty and quickly tempered so you lost it. We need to learn to remain present, remain calm and go slow when it comes to God’s creation. 
  23. Do we need to unplug? 
  24. Do we need a new place to reside?  
  25. Are we leaving residue everywhere? 
  26. Do we need to be cleaned? 
  27. Are we open to recommendations?

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