Listening and obeying His voice is critical! I thought I did! Isn’t that what I heard?
I say this because, there was another thing that transpired from what I heard. This thing was something that I was not looking for. I heard Him speak to me the name Jason, cowboy and I woke with an urgency to go feed the homeless, but, I didn’t know where to go. But, shortly there after. I had a friend request via Facebook.
Since, February 2015 I have learnt what it means to seek God’s lost children (the lost, unwanted, used and abused). 
Several good relationships came from this street ministry.
God has called all of us to go out and be Gods Hands and Feet. I was called to a ministry that was serving the homeless on the streets. My soon to be ex and I misinterpreted why I was called to this ministry. It wasn’t for marriage, but, it was to learn what being Gods hands and feet looked like, felt like and what you do in another person’s life. I just wish the message wasn’t twisted by us to be a self seeking relationship with one another mission.
My life was full of abuse and because of that I refused to believe in a God. Well, I can tell you He will find you and use you to be the light in their darkness.
I don’t regret the last couple of years of being a faithful servant. I have learnt to see the beauty in what others call less than.
Everything we do in life should be about building people up. I enjoyed meeting new people and continuing the friendship with those I met already. I enjoyed learning more about them and why they were homeless or just down and out. Remember, we all need to have ongoing relationships with people that don’t tear us down or have you do things that are sinful in nature.
The happy, smiley man below was homeless and is no longer homeless thanks to so many wonderful people that continue to be there for him. We love you Rodney!

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