Creation – Beginning – My Birth

My Birth

My birth was planned and I was born in the 1960’s. I come from a family of bakers. My grandfather started the legacy then, he passed it to my father and my uncle and they passed it onto their spouses and then their children. Because, I have fond memories of being a daughter of a particular baker; my father. I would like to pass along my journey as a daughter of a baker and as a child that once was lost, but, has since been found. The reason why I choose the name “Seeking An Abundant Life In Baking Using God’s Earthly Ingredients” as my area of focus is rather simple God provides all the ingredients!   We just need to better understand the ingredients purpose.

Learn your ingredients purpose

We were created with a purpose and for a purpose. What is my purpose? What is my maximum potential of making this happen?  What have you done for other people?  What does God want to do through me?  Why was (ingredient) or (you) created for?  Was it to feed or fuel us?  Baking ingredients can have multiple uses; then there are some ingredients that do not do well together, then there are some ingredients that can cause some bad outcomes or even forgetting an ingredient can cause something to not rise (sink or sulk). Do you know what your ingredients (your) purpose is?
Whether it is decorating a baked cake or covering up a mistake the mistake is still there, we may have covered it up but know that is only temporarily. Thinking that not seeing it will not be known.  Well I have some news for you, when you ice a torn edge of a cake, you will need to use a whole lot of icing on a spatula or you may even need to use an icing bag in hope that you will not cause the cake to crumble more, these mistakes are much like our sins. Upon the first attempt you will get lots of cake crumbs mixed up in your icing or better yet, they are still exposed, the icing will cover up the mistake for a short span of time, but, sooner or later the icing will start giving way pulling away because the damaged area has no foundation to hold onto, it will crumble fall away from the cake as if you are falling to your knees begging God for forgiveness. Why? Because, the icing needs to be able to stick to something firm. It’s the same with life, we need to have a firm foundation. That firm foundation is God! Spending time reading the bible you learn why things have happened and how you can become new. I will discuss all the flaws I had in my life, I hope to inspire you through what I am about to reveal to you. You may wonder what it is like growing up as a baker’s daughter in a family of bakers. Well, I can tell you this much it has its ups and downs. I will walk you through my life as a baker’s daughter and educate you along the way. Growing up our family had so many variations as to what normalcy was, as I am sure it is within your family unit. I was brought up in a family that never divorced, they stuck it out till death do us part. Our family life was challenging. My life existed in a dysfunctional family. The only normalcy was being with my grandma, but, that had its challenges too.
Before we can get to where we need to be we must learn what it takes to get there. So, I ask you, who are you and what are you called to do? I want you to think long and hard about the following “I or it  can”’ statements prior to seeking the answer that I have left out below. I was at work one day when God laid a particular ingredient on my heart of which I am ready to share with you through my writings.
I (me) or it (ingredient) Can
I or it can…. be soft, can harden, can be firm, can be refined, can be formed, can be appealing, can make things great by adding things like flavor, zest or can remain bland (boring), can fill in for others, can absorb or retain what it’s amongst, spread into other things, be formed for multi-uses, make things smell good, taste great. Knowing I or it can be peeled away from the source, can be planted in all circumstances yet strand strong in all conditions and can add variations; nuts, fruits and sweetness.
My life will be demonstrated to you as a small individual piece of (_________), you may ask why is that, it is because, I have so many uses just like you. I can be used in various ways just like you.  I can be soft or harden to stand the test it’s being given at the time. Using this analogy is how I will continue to fulfill my purpose. This is my story that I am sticking with because, I like my ingredient am versatile and I have had various uses and a purpose! Questions I have pondered… how many useful purposes do I have? How versatile can I be or become using this analogy? How many times have I been used in different situations? What made the situation come out better?  After all, the definition for______ is;  _________with many uses and future developments. I pray that God opens the field for multi harvests.

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