My Tree

Dead or Fed

Your possessions 
Possessions burn to ashes
Ashes equals no substance
Substance is your only true loss 
loss should be flesh
Flesh who paid the price 
Price he paid (cost) of our sins
Sins He is there for us at all times 
Time you are ungrateful
Ungrateful and ready to blame 
Blame for not being there 
There you have not known me.  
Me I’m here
Here yet you fight it 
It (you) are easily deceived 
deceived by temporary comforts 
comfort in material possessions 
possessions are the latest and the greatest 
greatest all to fill 
fill your insecurities 
insecurities when there is only 
only one security 
security in your lifetime.  
Lifetime of looking back I reflect 
reflect on my inequities 
inequities quick to pass judgment 
judgement cast on the down and out
Out Yet 
Yet our purpose  
Purpose in life is to serve the less fortunate 
fortunate for them to hear they are loved and valued 
valued more than what any human can understand
Understand who is there
there at anytime of the 
the day or the night 
night who can provide light
light in the darkness 
darkness take my hand 
hand and feet walk with me.
Me I’m here to feed you
You read my Word
Word come to me 
Me Listen
Listen you need to hear from me 
me start my day 
day and as you 
you end your day 
day by resting your eyes 
eyes closed as you lay in my arms 
arms stretched to awake 
awake you in the new day 
day has so much uncertainty.
uncertainty come to me (verses) versus 
versus others deceitful ways
Ways Holy Spirit 
Spirit come alive 
alive in me 
me to learn the way
way you have for me
me who can you trust other than me?
I find it amazing how the trees continue standing after a fire has torn through a town.  
Everything has burnt to ashes but, the trees stand, some of the trees still have green leaves. 
The trees are one of God’s creations.

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