The Choices

The choices we make could have consequences

We all have choices to make and those choices are provided to each of us and by so many people that may have good or bad intentions.

Do we have a cop out for the bad choice(s) we made?

Are we looking for what the outcome may be prior to making that choice?

What if we are under the influence of something that the law says is legal because you are over 21 years of age.  Does ingestion of this material cause you to make poor choices?  Did you know this alcohol can become a life altering outcome?  When under the influence of a mind altering ingredient how is it still be considered legal?  How are we able to make a good choice when we have an intoxicated mind?

I will share a story with you.

After moving to yet another house for the up tine time we landed in Elk Grove in the summer of 1984.  It was a hot summer so, I decided to take my two younger sisters to the local community pool.  The pool was located in a park close to my home.  Upon, arriving at the pool I saw a teenage boy swimming, he was a life guard. He was there to save lives but, in reality I believe I was there to save him.

This boy lived with an alcoholic mother who became intoxicated daily. She was a mean drunk so he fled to other(s) to have a place to stay. This was a common occurrence.  He was basically living on the streets and did what he needed to survive and to have a sense of belonging.  The things he learned to survive caused him to continue this same path in the days, weeks, months and years following. He had no father figure in his life. His only brother didn’t want any responsibility in raising him.  His brother was ten years older than him. His mom told him his father was dead.

I guess my role in all this was to be there for him too.

Isn’t it our purpose to better another?  It sure is but, we must have boundaries and I will explain why later on.




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