The Past

A part of the past

I will start where my life got a swift kick in the dairy earh. I was the ripe age of 43, the actual date was August 16, 2011. It was a blazing hot day in the greater Sacramento area of California. At this time I was driving a 1959 1/2 year old Ford Mustang. This car was my spouses friends car. I wanted to own a car like this, it was in great condition, outside of needing a tune-up. We will talk about that situation a bit later. At this particular time in my life I was married, I had two children from a prior marriage. Austin had just turned 14 years old and Madison was only 10 years old. I was about 15 pounds over weight because there was no time to eat or cook meals at home. My spouse owned a security business and we both had a private investigators license. I was working full-time for an technology company and I was re-enrolling in college, I re-enrolled in college after a 1 year leave and a 5 year leave and a 10 year leave and a 2 year leave. I will explain the reasoning behind this pattern latter on. So, at this time I wanted to return to college to obtain this thing called a degree you know the thing that is supposed to get you somewhere in this place called life. But God had another plan. I found out that God is the one who will get you where you need to be in life. At this particular time in my life, I owned and operated a bakery business for children only. My bakery business was a business that had no age restrictions. Children of all ages would celebrate their birthday, come for holiday festivities, school field trips, homeschooling field trips all to learn how to make, bake and decorate from a third generation baker.

I had the honor of being on TV 3 different times, 2 times of the 3 times were at my first business location and the other time was at the news station. The large local newspaper came out and took pictures and asked lots of questions, they looked at some old bakery items including recipe books they ended up writing a large article in the local newspaper that brought me lots of business and some requests to make some old recipes from our family bakery. Shorty after the newspaper article was written, I received an email from an old lost friend, her sister read the newspaper and asked if this is the same Shonna. We were friends in highschool but, we lost contact.

Now to get back to the story it was the day prior to August 17, 2011 it was the day I looked into the sky and asked God can my life get any worse? Well I will admit to my dismay the answer was YES! Yes, it’s going to get a lot worse! Have you ever asked God a question and expect or at least hope for the answer sooner rather than later? Well I can tell you my question was answered less than 24 hours later. My question to God happened around the 7:00 o’clock in the evening hour and was answered the very next day around the 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon hour.

I hope you are ready for this crazy story because, you never know when your life will start over but, it does start over, it starts over all the time, because it must, you need to focus on having a positive attitude, because, today is a new day, all things are new in it! Amen! It’s a fresh do over or should I say a start over! Everyday, is a fresh new start, because you can never say it is tomorrow, because in reality it is today. But, you can also choose to look and live your life in the rear view mirror, which means you won’t be moving forward. We must move forward in life, seeking out more and walking into our future with hope. We will not be running, because hastiness will cause havoc, I know that all to well, my father had a nickname for me, he would say slow down ‘Hurricane’! Because, I would never do anything slow! Why follow directions? The answer is because you need a direction or a path to follow, if you have no direction, or you choose to not stay on the right path your life may turn out like doorathee from Wizherd of Awhz , Maybe that is why my life has been what it has been.Our mentally, thought process of saying “I should of” or “could of” is pure missery. If only I would have listened to my parents. Your parents are telling you this because of their life experiences trying to save you the time, becuause you will make many mistakes, you may need to make frequent u-turns, you may hit some bumps or chuck holes, all because you didn’t want to listen to there advice. Advise is knowledge from experience!

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