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Last night was our second night in a new community and let me remind you that I am only one person, but, God is able to provide so much more if we ask Him! So, Lord we are asking you to bring others to be the light in an other’s darkness. I will share with you what I experienced last night.

We didn’t plan on feeding, but, it turns out the kids were hungry, they asked for food. So, we fired up the grill and the kids flocked in, some of the kiddo’s served other kids. Some of these precious children have servant’s hearts already.

From a distance I recognized a lady that I knew from another organization, where we go into the juvenile hall. We spoke for a bit, then, come to find out she was there to meet with our community leader. Then, she shared with me what Sacramento County is providing to reach the families, parents and teenagers. Its curriculum based. So, I signed us up! Yes, I am taking on more to do if its your will Lord! We need 5+ people to join us in this training.

We must thank God for the people who have a heart to open an organization in communities to help the lost, unloved, unwanted, used and abused. This particular location has opened to provide a safe place for these children that they can go too and feel safe these children need hope.

These children have been locked out of their own homes while their parents are away (at work) is the word being used.

Oh God how can this be?

  • How can a parent do such a harsh thing as abandon and leave their children out in the wild?
  • Why are the children on the streets till 10:00 pm at night versus being in their homes?
  • Is it better to be on the streets then in their homes?
  • What horrific life are they experiencing behind closed doors, after all, what happens behind closed doors stays behind closed doors. I know we have all heard that way to many times.

My heart aches for these children. I am starting to think that society is allowing parents to be parents with no repercussions. These parents do not know how to parent and that is why we are having so many problems in the world.

Reasons may be:

  • They started having children at a very young age
  • Generational curse

We have been given an opportunity to train up families and children through Sacramento County, would you be interested in this opportunity?

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  1. You are doing wonderful work. It is to awful how some children are treated by their parents and the horrible lives they lead. So hard to overcome such a negative start to live.


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