Lifes Challenging Events

When My Life’s Most Challenging Events Came

Over a course of time…I had been asked many times:

  • how are you keeping it all together under the circumstances?
  • how are you able to work?
  • how are you staying positive?
  • how are you living with it?
  • how do you keep going about your daily life?

I thought I knew the reason why I was able to actually function through such a tragic event.

My thoughts about my desire to continue on with my daily life was multifaceted.  

I thought it was because I was strong. I thought it was because I have children. I thought it was because, you are supposed to take the bull by the horns and

Leaking faucet.:

forge ahead. I thought it was because I am responsible, why would I let ______ drown me or should I say take control of me.

I have had multiple people in my life that  loved to tear me down with their words.  Why? I truly believe it was because, it made them feel better about themselves.

Their true character will leak out eventually

  • An individuals true character can and will hide only for so long.
  • The derogatory remarks start coming out of their mouths about you.
  • Their belittling words start to leak out here and there.
  • Their mannerisms start to come out too
  • Their true character starts appearing like a leaky faucet.
  • These individuals presents themselves to you like they are well put together but the inner presence (evil spirit) comes out here and there, anger, rage, control, Narcissistic behaviors.

They love to flatter you

  • They love flattering you, how they have so much money, how they will buy you things then they boast about how they are successful, they are bragging all the time about what they have become.

They say hurtful things to you

  • They start talking about your appearance, how you speak, talk with and to others.
  • They tell you…you are not doing this right or that right.

The Game of Blame

  • Then, when you try talking to them about what you are feeling and how you will never live up to their expectations, they start saying mean things, they make you feel like you are worth nothing, they blame you for their messiness, etc.

It’s over or is it?

  • Then, you decide you are done, you want to leave then, but, they talk you out of it.
  • They tell you, you are going to regret this, they beg and plea to you to stay, things go well for a bit, then the cycle starts again.

How many times are you going to repeat these events with (this particular type of person)? When is enough, enough?  What can I do to remove my self from these elements?

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”Joshua 1.9  This is why I was able to survive and remain steadfast.

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