Lots of surprises

Praise is that the church is busting out at the seams, we need a bigger building! Prayers are needed for so much right now!


We had a last minute visitor…

How can a precious 14 year old girl be so full of dreams when she is not in school, her mom is in drug court, her little brother was molested and her other sister is in foster care, this little girl walked up and into the church seeking food. She was in tears when we all prayed over her. She isn’t able to get into her mom’s apt. But, is willing to wait. She isn’t supposed to be seeing her mom legally, yet she doesn’t want to be at the children’s receiving home… the children can come and go as they please and that’s why the predators are there waiting to bait them…what would you do in this situation?

I met a young man that is homeless, he shared with me things that others struggle with in confessing.  He showed Amy and I the areas he shoots up heroin.  He also shared that his parents got him started and that he is their drug dealer.  This breaks my heart! He knows the difference from right and wrong.  He loves his daughter and visits her daily but, will not live with the mom and daughter because of his addictions.

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