Are You Rising?

When it comes to life are you rising up or falling down?

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Many children in crisis spend a large part of their time living in the juvenile system, social services, foster care and group homes.

Today, is one of the days that I will be mentoring the girl inmates individually within the juvenile hall. The incarcerated boys and girls are 18 years old and younger. There are more boys than girls.

At some point these children may have been beaten down mentally or physically or just trying to escape their family dynamics by running away and getting caught up with the enemy. All of us have fallen down a few times and when we do we need someone to pick us up and encourage us as we go about life. Some of these children need to be told that they can rise up from where they are, but, they need a person to help them when they fall. You can call it a mentor, a friend or a pastor. They just need a good person in their daily life. Someone they can call when they are down or when they are ready to make a bad choice.

How do I get rid of my negative thoughts?


The needs of youth in crisis get reinforcement of negative behaviors by the people who have existed in their lives. There are those children that have just rebelled with their parents, these youth tend to be truant from school, these children have given up on obtaining their education because of their home life or lack of. But, the good news is that when they are incarcerated they have to attend school in the institution, Some of these children are trying to finish junior high and/or their high school education.


Age – young and old

  • Due to age the dough may not to rise because of the yeast being too old – Let’s think about that for a moment. What comes to mind when you think of children? Are they to old to rise up and change the cycle they have been on? No!

Temperature – lukewarm

  • The yeast or the water was to hot and killed the yeast.
  • The rising place was too cool, lukewarm
  • The water was too cool to activate the yeast

Where does lukewarm get you? No where, he will spew you from his mouth!

Environment – controlled

  • The bread falls in the oven because the oven was too cool
  • The dough may rise too much and get too little light

What do some of our living situations look like?

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