I (me) or the (ingredient) can…

I or it can…. be soft, can harden, can be firm, can be refined, can be formed, can be appealing, can make things great by adding things like flavor, zest or can remain bland (boring), can fill in for others, can absorb or retain what it’s amongst, it can spread into other things, it can be formed for multi-uses, it make things smell good, it tastes great.

Knowing I or it can be peeled away from the source, can be planted in all circumstances yet strand strong in all conditions and can add variations; nuts, fruits and sweetness.

My life will be demonstrated to you as a small individual piece of (_________), you may ask why is that, it is because, I have so many uses just like you. I can be used in various ways just like you. I can be soft or harden to stand the test it’s being given at the time. Using this analogy is how I will continue to fulfill my purpose. This is my story that I am sticking with because, I like my ingredient am versatile and I have had various uses and a purpose!

Questions I have pondered…

  1. How many useful purposes do I have?
  2. How versatile can I be or become using this analogy?
  3. How many times have I been used in different situations?
  4. What made the situation come out better?
  5. After all, the definition for______ is; _________with many uses and future developments.

I pray that God opens the field for multi harvests.

The Ingredient

Before we can get to where we need to be we must learn what it takes to get there. So I ask you…who are you and what are you meant to fulfill during your lifetime?

I want you to think long and hard about the following as you think about an (ingredient). How many uses do you or does it have? What purpose do you have or does it have to fulfill? How versatile can you be or what can your ingredient become?

I will give you a synopsis of my story, because, like you or someone you know I have been used, abused and attacked all because of nuts in and out of my life and mostly because of their circumstances. Yet, after countless trials and errors on my part I have become a new creation where I can stand stronger knowing God has my back and I seek him in all that I do now. I want to be the _______ or should I say I want you to use that perception in your life (make it your own) ingredient or recipe.

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