To Trust The Persecuted

To Trust or Not To

to trust or not to trust
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To trust or not trust others. Should you trust others after the verdict?

  • Do you or did they have all the facts?
  • Do you or did they have circumstantial evidence?
  • Is it hearsay?

Do you keep your thoughts in your head for a bit before you open that mouth of yours?  Did you pray about it?  Is there a need to speak up? Is this story based on gossip? Are you putting yourself in vulnerable situations?

There are people that watch, listen and hear what they are being told and not even know if it’s true or not.

I persecuted the followers of this Way to their death, arresting both men and women and throwing them into prison, as the high priest and all the councils can themselves testify. I even obtained letters from them to their associates in Damascus, and went there to bring these people as prisoners to Jerusalem to be punished. Acts 22:4-5

Slow your roll

You never know when your life will start over but, trust that it does start over, it starts over all the time. We must ask Him for forgiveness.

We must strive to keep a positive attitude!  Even if this means a new way of thinking.  Today, is a great new day! All things are new in it!

A new day

It’s a brand new day! Today is a fresh do over or we can even go as far and say its a start over!

Everyday, is a fresh new start, because you can never say it is tomorrow, because in reality it is today.

To live in the past

Its our choose to live in the past which would look like us getting in our car and looking in the rear view mirror driving backward down the road (in reverse).  Which basically means you won’t be putting your car in drive.  Which means you won’t be moving forward or trusting.

We must move forward in life, seeking and walking.

No sense of direction

We will not be running because, hastiness will cause havoc.  Trust that I know that all too well. My father had a nickname for me, he would say slow down ‘hurricane’! I would never do anything slow!

Should’ve Could’ve

Why follow directions? I had to learn how to slow down although, it took till my 40’s to figure this out and trust that my ways were not the right ways.

If you don’t slow down you may miss the turn that you were supposed to take. How far are you going to head down this road till you turn around or trust this nudging?  Did you realize you lost your direction? How much farther till you realize that I am going the wrong direction? If I have no destination I won’t know where I am headed which could cause you to feel and be much like doorathee from whiz-herd of awhz. Who do I trust?

I know the older I get I tend to have a mentally thought process of saying “I should of” or “could’ve” which can equate to pure misery. If only I would have listened to my parents when I was younger. Parents are sharing their life experiences with you for a reason! Parents are trying to save you the pain and agony they suffered.

We will make many mistakes; which will cause you to make some u-turns, you may even hit some bumps, or you may even hit some chuckholes along your way. The bumps and chuckholes can lead to some major damage and it may be all because, you didn’t want to listen to your parents advice. Advice is knowledge from experience!


Gain more of it! How do I gain more knowledge? Where do I obtain knowledge?

I recommend that you go on a mission trip. Trust me when I say you must go on a mission trip so you can be a blessing to others.

Having a vast amount of knowledge can go a long way. Our past started from scratch.  It’s never too late to start from scratch (start over) fresh new thoughts can and will become great things. Give it a try!


Do you need experience? Yes! If you have no experience you may need to seek it out through volunteering.

  • Be unique try something different.
  • Why hold out on learning more?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of obtaining this experience you are attempting through volunteering?

Before Jesus I Trusted To Easily

  1. What did you think or know about God? I felt God was not there for me because bad things continued to happen to me. I was molested around seven years old.
  2. What did you think about yourself? I thought I was a good person and I did not deserve what happened to me and all the other things that continued to happen to me throughout my life.
  3. What motivated you to do something? At this time in my life I didn’t know or understand what unconditional love was and how I could obtain it.
  4. What were you afraid of? Others opinions of me.

Which one of these questions is easiest and most difficult to answer?


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