Eggs and Sugar


Eggs – Dried

In the past when ‘shell’ eggs were extremely expensive, there was a certain economy in using ‘dried’ eggs, because a given amount of money would buy more actual egg solids in the ‘dried’ eggs than in the form of shell eggs or frozen eggs.

However ‘dried’ eggs have not always shown the satisfactory leavening power of shell and frozen eggs. The whole matter must be decided on the basis of dollars and baking results.


Sugar, Sugar

Finely granulated sugar or berry sugar should be used in the mixture. If desired, part of this sugar may be replaced with standardized invert sugar in order to prolong the keeping quality.

Atmospheric conditions in various locations and different seasons of the year will make it necessary to use variable quantities of invert sugar. However, as a rule one-half pound may be used to replace an equal amount of granulated sugar in the white base and one-half to one pound in the yellow base. Part or all of the sugar added at the remix stage to the variety bases may be replaced with standardized invert sugar.

Total sugar content used in white or yellow bases may be increased by 1 or 2 pounds if desired. Sugar content in these two bases is slightly low, to allow for the addition of more sugar for the re-mix batters.

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