Letter 2018May10

My beautiful amazing soulmate,

I hope this letter finds you all well and blessed.  I just finished creating a bible study on Gods revealing word and how the holy spirit uses “fragments” (verses) of scripture to communicate with us – even though it may be used out of context with the story it is written with-in.  We need to listen to the holy spirits voice inside of us and heed to what he says – not always search for a greater meaning – Sometimes when we do that we conform His message to our will not His!  God put it on my heart to do so, therefore I did.  I am keeping an eye on the Hawaiian situation – gee sh they can’t do much on an island – you guys just may deploy there.  If so be careful that is a subversion tectonic plate I believe so that could mean a good sized earthquake is brewing and now the Holy ware between Iran and Israel is growing – gee sh!  Speaking of I hope all is well at work? I know that takes a toll on you but, the recent attacks on our peace tells me something wonderful is about to happen in our lives and for our family.  God is good and the devil sucks!  He always hits us hardest when we are bout to receive a great blessing trying to disrupt it!  Don’t forget to ask mom about her possible financial problem?  I want you to play the lotto quick-pick once per week (Super-lotto and mega-millions) for five weeks!  I know what you think but, just try it please.  So next Thursday I will be giving the ‘ sponsor’ lesson to 60 people in celebrate recovery ugh.  I am not very good at sticking to the curriculum, the Holy Spirit tends to lead me outside a bit and I tend to follow his lead (I tend to set the Celebrate recover books down and go with the Spirit often.  Should be interesting even though I write bible studies, when I go to deliver one the holy spirit always leads me to do something else.  No notes or pres-elected scripture just me, Him and Gods world.  His will always.  I love the connection I feel to Him when this happens. You know when He is right there/here with you, Like I feel right no.  A this moment as I write (1420 hours) I feel and see the lord between us holding my right hand and your left and I hear the words “Holy Matrimony” crazy huh? Even more crazy do you hear/see it too? OK, I guess I have bugged you enough for now.  I get to hear your beautiful angelic voice in two more days.  Also on my heart is “open your dreams to me” not sure what that means yet but it is meant for you! All of my love, All of my life and beyond your soulmate. xo Please give my love to mom and kiddos

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