Workout Struggles

Do I Have What I Need?

I’m struggling to understand my inability to workout when I have what I need to get the job done.  I know I need to workout somehow, someway because, it makes me feel better. I ponder the need to shower, wash my hair, get ready, or whether I should wait till after work, then, I talk my self out of working out after work because of the energy I get after the workout.  I don’t want it to hinder my ability to sleep. I have a gym at work and home yet I struggle with using it because, I’m at work and my not wanting to get hot and sweaty. I even bring workout clothes to wear so I can workout after work then I can head home after my workout.  But, then I think about traffic. I think I will work out when I get home then, home-life gets in the way.

To Pay Or Not To Pay

When I pay for a membership somewhere I push my self to workout because, of the money I am spending, so I need to get my dollars worth out of it.  Then, there is the question can I even afford to pay this fee to workout.  Then, I think about the long-term expense and yet there is the long-term benefit of working out.  God created this body, I need to take care of it period!  What I put in my body can cause good and bad outcomes.  In the long run, it can affect the span of my life.  Lord, I need help in maintaining a regular regimen.  I cannot do it on my own because, of all the reasons I have listed above.

Open My Eyes

Although I enjoy walking among-st all your beauty I get to hear the birds chirping and to see what you created, the trees, the flowers, the creatures crawling on the earth and then, I see what we created, the roads, signs, vehicles, structures that impede your beauty.  I even think about the weeds growing that are green and that don’t require our care and they even look beautiful.  I know if I focused on myself as you have created me to be, I can either damage what was good or I can take care of what you created for good.  I think about all that is transpiring in this world right now.  There is so much pain and suffering going on in this world and in my body. Are the end of times at hand for this world and for my body or is this just the beginning? Our physical being is what we are focusing on, we are focused on how we look, what we wear and we have we have forgotten what we enjoy and the joy we get out of how we feel, because, how we feel has been shut down, because, we have to deal with what is hear and now.  We have lost focus on our ultimate purpose which is life here and now.  When we have you and make you are daily focus we look forward to eternity with you.  So, it’s time to get to work and workout all that is manifesting in us and around us!

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