What Kind Of Surface Are You Working On?

Sometimes we have to get dirty to know what dirty feels like and how it feels to come clean through all our dirtiness.

Photo by Min An on Pexels.com

Surrendering for me was when I finally got down on my hands and knees and cried out to Him telling Him I am done! I am done with this self-seeking mission of mine!

My healing took place when I started to learn what unconditional love meant.

We all have a purpose to fulfill in our lifetime. Although, it took me some time to figure out mine its never to late to share your experiences with others. I choose to mentor God’s lost children on and off the streets.

It’s time to come clean! Has everything surfaced for you? If not it will in due time.

I hope to encourage you along the way as I share my journey with you! I am not who I used to be! Because of Jesus!

What surface are you now?

  1. Brick or mortar?
  2. Sand or quicksand?
  3. Pebbles or rocks?

Are you able to endure whatever is thrown upon you?

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