Are We All Just A Bunch Of Fruit Cakes?

Fruit Cakes

fruit cake dried fruits
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Are we all just a bunch of fruit cakes? How much is too much when it comes to the volumes of information we are given?  What do we need to do to make this recipe for individual consumption? Am I willing to go out of my way when it comes to obtaining the much needed ingredients? How will you handle all your baking outcomes?

There Is A Bunch Of Fruit Cakes To Be Made

27 pounds Raisins
8 pounds Figs
5 pounds Dates
4 pounds Cherries
7 pounds Grapefruit Peel
4 pounds Orange Peel
2 pounds Water
1 pound Invert Sugar
3 ounces Rum Flavor

Mix all the above ingredients well (together) and let them rest (in His word) overnight.

3 pounds Walnuts
2 pounds Pecans

Add these above ingredients (nuts) to the above ingredients before you combine this fruit cake mix with the fruit cake batter.

This fruit mix should be stored overnight in a wooden or earthen container. Do not use a metal container.

Fruit Cake Batter

When fruit cake batter is used for wedding cakes, a tube should be put in the center. This will help reduce the baking time. For small boxed cakes, bake the fruit cake on paper-lined sheet cake pans.

A Bunch Of Fruit Cake Flavors

Real rum or brandy are both excellent flavors and can be used generously if desired. For a shiny fruit cake, use a glaze made from 2 1/2 ounces of gum Arabic dissolved in 2 pounds of boiling water.

Let cool but apply warm. After the batter has been flattened out with a wet hand in the pans, placing a few cherries and almonds on top will give the baked cake a fine, rich appearance.

Add a mold inhibitor if fruit cake is made for later sales.

A Bunch Of Fruit Cake Batter

9 pounds Cake Flour
3 1/2 pounds Bread Flour
8 pounds Vegetable Shortening
4 ounces Salt
4 ounces Milk Powder
1 ounce Baking Powder
Flavor (as desired)

Mix all the above ingredients together till smooth.

9 pounds Whole Eggs
11 pounds Sugar
8 ounces Invert Sugar

Mix all ingredients above for 3 minutes using a wire beater.

1 1/2 pounds Water

Add the water in slowly to the above ingredients

63 pounds and 3 ounces of Fruit Cake Mix

Add the fruit cake mix and mix till smooth this will make a bunch of fruit cakes

Fruit Cake Baking Temperatures and Their Time Frames

Small Cakes 350 – 360 F 1 1/2 – 1 3/4 hours
Large Cakes 330 – 340 F 1 1.4 – 2 3/4 hours

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