So Much Uncertainty Around The Corner

With so much uncertainty just around the corner, it can be rather daunting.

I need to talk about it but, I feel like if I open my mouth, it will allow evil things to manifest.

Have you ever shared so much that it has come back to haunt you? Have you struggled falling asleep to trying to stay asleep? Is it hard to stop your mind from reeling 24 hours a day?

The latest events happening in the world can be ever so consuming.

I feel blessed that God has provided for us and our family and that he continues to provide for us even if that is through others. The ways may not be what we wanted to happen but, did happen. It’s a course we will all take. We start dying the day we are born. But, when it comes out of nowhere how do you handle that? I’m grateful and thankful for what has transpired over the last year and more. I am thankful for what God has brought me back to and that is to love and forgive others.

I had to apply for unemployment which had been pending for months. No one to talk to, no email responses, denied UI because I worked for an organization that didn’t pay into UI. Although, we’ve been blessed because, the Panadamic income came into play. This income will help cover the people that don’t qualify for UI. It’s been a huge blessing to be paid to date as of Saturday with more to come, praise God.

Not so long ago we bought a home and we have been blessed to not have to pay the mortgage at this time.

Pending injuries via worker’s compensation, I’ve never had a worker’s comp. claim in my life. But, working for this last company, they did me in many times over. There were many times over that they should have had me go to the doctor to be evaluated. The 3 most recent injuries are still open, not closed and pending court hearing. Yet, this company has laid me off 2 times (April and again in August), crazy especially when I wasn’t rehired or even working. How can that be? How can a company lay you off when you have opened claims? Well I’m learning by going through the emotions of the proccessess. Hopefully the upcoming hearing will help me better understand the continuance or the conclusion. We never know what the future holds but, I have to wait and hear what is to be. The lawyers have attempted to make two different offers, which I refuse to accept. Why would they offer money, when they have denied two of the three claims? Why are they trying to combine them as one entire injury? Back in May of 2019 I filed an adjudication because, they denied the stress claim. I may have to file a continuance. The judge has ordered a MSC and the next step is a trial. Lawyers attempt to settle mostly because, they don’t want it to become public knowledge unless they win. I’m going through the emotions as they continue to be present with an unknown future. These things can get rather consuming if you allow it. Prayers are needed as I present lots of evidence, dates, documents, records, non-compliance matters, reportings, filings, complaints filed. Etc.

Department of Transportation, Industrial Relations, Etc.

The Department of Transportation has laws in place when it comes to hours and days that you are behind the wheel, implemented before I left.

OSHA reportings safety, injuries unreported, etc. audit, fined, etc.

DIR is there to protect you when you have been classified incorrectly. Like the organization trying to get out of paying overtime by saying you hold a particular position with specific responsibilities have been farther from the truth, case won.

Bullying and Harassment in the workplace has laws to protect you from such abuse reported to Worker’s Comp, DOL, etc.

Workplace Violence. Doctors can help you through the grieving process and all the trauma you have experienced. The intimidation, bullying is rather hard to deal with when you are still working near the individual. There is a particular individual that has caused so much pain and suffering to not only me but, many others. This particular organization is full of nepotism and is a convoluted mess to say the least. They put people in roles that they are not qualified for, they put their family members above others even when they are not qualified to have the position. Their inabilities are costing them at the state level currently because, again they put certain people in a position they are not trained or qualified to do. So, World Central Kitchen has taken over, praise God!

I’ve had to learn how to live again by making time for myself. This goal is number one each and everyday as I continue to take my next breathe.

With each challenge I have seen breakthrough, Praises to God!

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