Full Circle

It was not so long ago that we met Rodney, Rodney was invited by another man name Nick to our homeless street outreach. We fed, clothed and prayed for Gods lost children on the streets of Watt Avenue in North Highlands, CA not so long ago.

Nick and Rodney were homeless friends. They came to us every week to be fed. As time went on we got to know Nick and Rodney more and more.

Rodney came out one of the nights and taught my daughter how to strum the guitar. Rodney said he was writing a song for us too.

Rodney came to us on night with a lady named Kathy. Kathy met Rodney at a local store. Rodney asked Kathy to pray for him and he invited Kathy to come out and meet us.

One of our friends Cheri came out because God put it on her heart. She said, there was someone we were feeding that was needing to hear the prodigal son story. Rodney, broke down in tears and said he was the one. That night Rodney needed a tent and low and behold one of our friends Jennie had a tent in her trunk.

Kathy was helping Rodney get off the streets. She found him a spot at Teen Challenge. Rodney did the fast track program and came out to surprise us, when he graduated. Rodney moved into transitional housing. Rodney attended church during this time too.

Booted Out

Our street outreach was continually approached by security to stop operation and move out of the location. So, we told our homeless friends that we will be in touch when we have a new location. As we were ready to disband, Rodney brought his pastors out to meet us.The pastors invited us to their church and since, we have been working in unity.

Rodney has accepted Christ into his life and he was baptized shortly after.

We love having Rodney in our lives. I call him our miracle child.

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