My Life In Our Family Bakery

My life as a daughter of a baker started in 1972 at Cramer’s Bakery. The bakery was located in Sacramento, CA. As a daughter of a baker I enjoyed watching things come to life in the bakery as each person worked in their specialized areas of the bakery.


I guess you could say our memories make our heart grow fonder. I enjoyed watching everyone make everything from scratch. These moments became memories of mine. These memories intrigued me enough to venture out on my own.

Growing Up

I watched, listened and learned so much when I was at the bakery at a very young age.

Family Life

Growing up in a family that never divorced, meant death till you part. Even, though my parents life was death till they part, growing up my life had its fair share of challenges.

The Ingredients Purpose

It’s now time that we get down to the key ingredient. My journey begins now by sharing the lessons I had to learn through all the trials I’ve experienced.

Over the years I have mentored youth at various levels through various organizations. God has given me the key ingredient to use and I hope you will find interest in how you too will eventually look at things that happen and understand why they happened.

Its time to think outside the box, start from scratch and learn the basics. I will share my life with you even if that means the good, the bad and the ugly. I will share the mistakes I have made and what I have learned from my mistakes.

Write away, to your hearts content!

Unconditional Love

At one time I did not know or understand what unconditional love was or meant. I trusted others at their word. Eventually, I learned there is only One we can have faith and trust in. The One who loves us unconditionally and who died for our sins. Yes, that One is Jesus Christ!


The definition of compassion is; sympathetic, pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.

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